You’re Not a Psychologist, Kevin MacDonald

by Dr. Justin Les Faits

Kevin MacDonald, former teacher in the Cal State system, is not a psychologist.  Not even close.  He does, however, refer to himself as one and he allows himself to be addressed as such.  I have contacted Mr. MacDonald through his website to warn him that a group of real psychologists intend to take action against him if he does not stop misrepresenting himself.


Kevin MacDonald continues to allow himself to be misrepresented as a psychologist despite these warnings.  We know that MacDonald holds views that are unpopular, and we respect his freedom of speech.  He does, however, need to stop misrepresenting himself.  This is the last time the warning will be given.  If he continues this charade, action will be taken.

As an academic with no training whatsoever in professional psychology, Mr. MacDonald likely does not even realize that real psychologists have undergone more training than almost any other doctor (Olvey, C., Hogg, A., & Counts, W.  2002. Licensure requirements: Have we raised the bar too far? Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 33, 323-329).  Here I am referring to doctors who practice, such as physicians, veterinarians, and clinical psychologists (not “doctors” who are only academics).

A fellow blogger wrote about this over a year ago.  I am one of the people who supplied her with the information.  I will quote her blog post here rather than write this out again myself:

“A friend of mine recently uncovered the facts about Mr. Kevin MacDonald, for example. This man continually misrepresents himself as a “psychologist,” but he doesn’t even possess an undergraduate degree in the subject, let alone a master’s degree, or of course a doctorate in psychology.  As those among you with two or more neurons to rub together may have already guessed, without the requisite 10 or more years of training, he also lacks a license — which would require years of postdoctoral work in addition to that decade of training.  The easiest way to “prove” that he is a fraud is by merely going to, then hit the “verify” link (middle link toward the top of the page), then hit the “verify license” link, then hit “search by personal or business name,” then enter his name in the search fields. His name will result in nothing found — he has no license even in cosmetology, let alone clinical psychology (thanks to BogusDichotomy for the info re credentials of psychologists).”

So for the last time, Kevin MacDonald, stop misrepresenting yourself as a psychologist.





11 thoughts on “You’re Not a Psychologist, Kevin MacDonald

  1. Reblogged this on Orwell's Daughter and commented:
    This “white” nationalist (who’s also a member of the nation-wrecking “Silent” Generation) thinks he’s still living in the 60s, when dudes like him could claim to be whatever they felt like — without those pesky sheepskins.

    • As another member of the “silent generation” who didn’t participate in the nation wrecking of the 1960’s, I do find it amusing that the jew media has little dumbshits convinced that everyone over 40 is a “baby boomer.” Clinton & all the other “silent generation-ers” are still nation wrecking while telling the dumbshit youth that they are “boomers.” Can it be that they spent all of those trillions put into the system by “boomers” & now want them to disappear? Can it be that they want the dumbshit youth to villify “boomers” while the old coots who came before “boomers” continue to run the country into the ground? It seems awfully suspect to me that the “boomers” paid in the most & will get the least back. The real thieves, like petty thieves such as McDonald, will continue to rape the system that was paid for by “boomers.” Neat trick by the jews. Another neat trick among many. Gabs & gobs of confusing misinformation that the lemmings lap up & repeat for the benefit of those who as usual are the perps.

    • He has a hodgepodge of degrees but not even an undergrad in psychology. He couldn’t get a job at a community college nowadays. He got in when it was still an Old Boys Club. “Evolutionary psychology” is just made-up BS that makes sociology look like neuroscience. Just because you teach a BS course that maligns the word “psychology” doesn’t mean you can misrepresent yourself as a psychologist.

  2. Is there one white nationalist who isn’t more corrupt than Jews? These clowns are nothing but fourth rate white trash who help ZOG keep white ppl down.
    Who would be surprised to learn that Macdonald is a wealthy asshole who defrauded the taxpayer. The day of the rope will include goyim criminals too.
    Thanks for this info.

  3. This only affirms what I knew already about Kev. He’s a pussy and a fraud.
    Someone posted a photo of his so. Cal MacMansion on Stormfront a couple of years ago. Cal. taxpayers paid for this pussy fraud to live high on the hog.
    He kept his “racism” secret until he was found out a few years ago. Then he began hiding because he was so afraid of his fellow teachers. He suffered anxiety because he couldn’t get away with being a rich hypocrite right on up to retirement. What does this say about the “evolutionary psychology” of the pussy white man, Kev?

  4. Why am I not surprised….another white nationalist fraud in a small pond of frauds & hypocrites. I was just writing over at OD’s blog about David Duke…..old Kevin & old Dave completely support each others fraud. Duke has made his living at his scams. He welcomes fellow fraudsters like Andrew Anglin because Anglin’s papa has deep pockets. Anyone with deep pockets is OK with Duke, even race mixing morons like Anglin.

    If you are a n’er do well, join white nationalism. You’ll be welcomed as a ‘leader’….lol among that small pond that is totally comprised of ‘leaders.’ There are less than 100 white nationalists nationwide.

  5. Goes to show how desperate white nationalism is that they can’t even attract professionals who are what they say they are. Evolutionary psychology is a scam so why not scam artists like MacDonald?

  6. Slimy scumball McDonald allowed an even slimier scumball Dave Duke refer to him as a psychologist on Duke’s show this morning.

    Go to & listen to Mr. Duke’s intro to Mr. Macdonald. You’ll have to listen to Dave blather on for a while first as he usually does because he’s mentally ill & cannot contain himself.

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